Vin Diesel baby pictures

American actor, writer, director and producer Vin Diesel’s baby pictures.

5 Responses to “Vin Diesel baby pictures”

  1. vijay shendge says:

    so sweet baby i have ever seen.

  2. Travis Koener says:

    Good work, hope to hear more from you.Are you working in a Group that you can make such a great Blog? :-)

  3. Hemuli says:

    aww.. so hemuli baby! i love it!

  4. hanna says:

    this is not his baby, this is from the pacifier

  5. jordan says:

    hey i thi8nk ur sooo sexy i want u sooo bad and im willing to do enything to get it or just be able to see u or kno tht u hav heard me i probably onli have 1 year to live so plllllzzzzzz reply back not from ur fan club im talkin about from u onli please i love u and thnxs for ur time

    love ur biggest fan jordan alyssa adams

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