Newborn Baby Photo

Newborn Baby Photo
Newborn Baby Photo

I think this baby is a she. I wish she will be lucky in all her life and will not cry again. May be she can cry because of her darling.

7 Responses to “Newborn Baby Photo”

  1. payal says:

    :roll: i luv babies…& i luv ths pic of new born baby…its luking sweet…i love it:smile:

  2. Ankita says:

    This baby is crying because she have come to a corrupted world whereas she was leading a peaceful life at first.

  3. clarissa says:

    that is so tru u luk at babies like that and feel sowi 4 them because of the world there gunna be brought up in

    gud luk little baby
    ull need it:wink:

  4. SEXY MAMA says:

    I like the baby:grin:

  5. YOU where like me once

  6. shelby clark says:

    i love this picture! enjoying gods new creation(mom and dad helped a little though, lol)
    makes you appriciate life!:grin:

  7. MEEEEEE!!!!! says:

    Babies cry all the time… about everything and they are very cute….. the world they are being brought up in is getting worse but it will get better…. and that is not why they cry if they have a good family it doesnt matter what the world is like!!!!

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