fat baby pictures

fat baby pictures

fat baby pictures: he is superman.

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  1. kitty says:

    :grin: awww he is so cute and chubby i wanna pinch his cheeks :mrgreen:

  2. fat girl says:

    he is a fat…..superman….:lol:….he is cute….

  3. unknown says:

    :shock: hes cute….is that realy his body though it looks fake….:wink:

  4. smarty says:

    OMG!!! HE IS SO FAT!!! He could be a SUMO WRESTLER!!!! It makes you wonder what the parents look like!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    omg!!!:shock: im scared now!!!but im still laughing :lol:

  6. tyler says:

    is he superman:cry:

  7. anita ester says:

    :razz: :razz: he cooooo cute n chubby….. i wan pinch his cheeks…:lol: tq

  8. Tiffany says:

    He is gorgeous! I love him! I pray his size evens out as he grows up for his health.

  9. zeina says:

    oh my god that baby is soooooooo Fat…:shock:

  10. Natalie And Jade says:

    Fatty Fatty Boingg Boingg Someone Has Been Eating To Many Cream Cakes !! Mwahhahahah FAT!! Lay Off The Pies Mate Lol

  11. pinks says:

    so sweet n so cute healthy child

  12. BABY J says:

    :oops: that is cruel to have a kid that fat he has more rolls than a bakery bless him (L)

  13. name withheld says:

    he is cute,, pinch those cheeks,, yeah yeah yeah

  14. shelby clark says:

    ahhh omg! he is soooo fat! i hope he loses weight…..for his health.:???:

  15. awww bless his little boobs there bigger then mine haha its just rong

  16. bebe says:

    omg i feel bad for him thats so sad to be over weight but some ppl cant help it but i hope he can lose some weight

  17. J says:

    this baby is like verry overweight.
    it won’t be cute for long!

  18. OH MY DAYYYS!!! that is sick.how can anyone let there child get this fattt !!!!

    its jokes tho .

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